Foot and Ankle Surgery is committed to protect user privacy. This declaration of privacy explains the data collection and its use in the website (from now on mentioned as “site”). By accessing the site, we consider that the users are aware of current policies, present in this declaration. This site uses cookies to improve your experience. Please see our cookie policy here.


Why this privacy policy?

In this policy we intend to inform our clients/users of the general personal data collection rules, that are collected and treated in the strict respect and agreement of the personal data protection legislation in vigor at each moment, namely the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council, of April 27 2016 (“GDPR”).


We respect the best practices in the security domain and personal data protection, with the necessary technical and organizational measure being taken in order to execute the GDPR, ensuring the licit, loyal, transparent and limited personal data management.


The Foot & Ankle Surgery is committed to the protection and confidentiality of the personal data, having adopted the necessary measure to ensure precision, integrity and confidentiality of the personal data, as well as any other rights that assist its respective owners.


What does this privacy policy include?

This privacy policy applies exclusively to the collection and treatment of the personal data, relative to which Foot & Ankle Surgery is responsible for the treatment, in the field of the services and products made available to its Clients/Users and in all situations that a personal data treatment exists.


What are personal data?

Personal data are any information, of any nature and independently of the respective support, including sound and image, relative to a singular person identified or identifiable.

It is considered identifable the singular person that can be identified, directly or indirectly, mentioned by a name, identification number, location data, electronic identifiers or one or more specific elements of its physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economical, cultural or social identity.


What does personal data treatment consist of?

The personal data treatment consists in a operation or group of operations performed about personal data or a collection of personal data, through automatized methods, or not, namely the collection, comparison, interconnection, limitation, erase or destruction.


Who is responsible for the data treatment?

The entity responsible for the personal data is Foot & Ankle Surgery, which determines the use and means of treatment.

For this effect, in the cases where the owner of the personal data necessitates to contact the person responsible for the the data treatment, he may do so through the channels and contacts bellow:



Which are the types of personal data treated?

In the field of the develped activities, data treatment necessary for the services or product supply, treating data with the name, telephone number and email address, according the most detailed information made available by the personal data owner.

If there is pre existant Client/User agreement, this can be extracted, without, however, compromising the treatment based on the previous agreement.


When and how we collect your personal data?

We collect your personal data through our website, ensuring, whenever necessary, the previous consent from the personal data owner.

The collected personal data can be treated in an automatized or non automatized manner, ensuring in all cases the strict following of the personal data protection legislation. In any situation, the collected data can be used for other purpose different from that they were collected to or given the consent by the personal data owner.


What are the purposes for the personal data treatment and respective legal grounds?

The personal data have as grounds and are destined to the management of the contractual relationship, to the contracted services, and adequacy of the services to the needs and interests of the Client/User.


For how long do we keep your personal data?

The time period for which we storage and keep the personal data depends on the purpose for which the information is treated.

There are legal requisites that obligate to keep the personal data for a minimum period. Thus, and whenever a specific legal  requirement doesn’t exist, the data are stored and conserved only for the minimum period for the prosecution of the purposes that motivated it collection and posterior treatment, in the terms defined by the law.


What are your rights as a proprietary?

As a personal data proprietary, it is guaranteed to the Clients/Users, at any moment, the access right, rectification, update, limitation and erasure of your personal data. You also have the right to deny the use of the same for comercial use and the withdrawal of the consent, without compromising the legality of the effectuated treatment under the field of that consent, as well as to the portability of the data.


How can you access, rectify, update, limit, erase, oppose to the treatment of your personal data, or remove the consent?

Without prejudice of the disposed in the GDPR, the proprietary of the data can do it, directly or under written request, through the contacts available for the purpose in the present document, as well as through the other contacts available in our website.


How can you complaint?

Without prejudice of presenting the complaints to Foot and Ankle Surgery, through the contacts available for the purpose, the Client/User can complaint directly to the Control Authority, that is the National Data Protection Company (CNPD), using the contacts made available by this entity for that purpose.


Which are the measures adopted to ensure the safety of your personal data?

We assume the compromise of guaranteeing the safety of the available personal data, having implemented rigorous measures in that way. The fulfillment of these rules constitutes an obligation to all those that legally access to them.

In this way, all data that is supplied are stored in a safe manner, in a Datacenter covered with all the safety measures indispensable to the personal data protection.

Notwithstanding all safety measures adopted, we alert that all people using the internet should adopt extra safety measures, namely, ensuring that an updated PC and updated browser in terms of safety patches properly configured, with an active firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware and that they certify of the authenticity of the websites visited in the internet, avoiding sites in which the reputation is not trusted.


Transfer, Communication or Passing your personal data to third person parties

We do not transfer, communicate or pass your data to third person parties.


Changes to privacy policy

The Foot & Ankle Surgery reserves the right to, at any time, proceed to adjustments or changes to the current Privacy Policy, being those changes made in this page.


Last update: June 1st 2018.

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