The Hallux Valgus, frequently called as “bunion”, refers to the deformity of the great toe.
It is one of the most common pathologies of the foot, existing over hundreds of surgical procedures described for its treatment.
Careful surgical planning is essential, to guarantee that a sufficiently powerful corrective technique is chosen.
Regardless of the selected technique, it is essential to preserve the harmony of the metatarsal formula, avoiding 1st ray shortening and repositioning the sesamoid bones under the head of the metatarsal, to ensure normal biomechanics and to eliminate the deforming forces that favour recurrence of the deformity.
Recently it has become possible to recreate some of the corrective procedures through percutaneous surgery ( small holes in the skin). Although with some advantages, these techniques also present limitation to their use.
Other pathologies may affect this anatomical region, although less frequently.
In the left, a traumatic plantar plate injury (turf toe) is represented, at the level of the fibular sesamoid, being performed it reinsertion with sutures in the proximal phalanx.
To the right a plantar callus due to fibular sesamoid hyperpression is represented. Conservative treatment with customized orthotics and unloading was successful.
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